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How to draw the bow between environmental protection and economic efficiency?

When developing and industrialize the CYTOCLEAN® - process for biological clean-up of oiled surfaces, we have successful combined environmental-protection and cost-saving, two characteristics that naturally do not combine.

The clean-up of oiled surfaces by application of biological and non-toxic CYTOCLEAN® is an active contribution of environmental protection.
The significant reducing of direct costs for clean-up of shiptanks, shoretanks and other mobile tanks, pipelines and oiled equipment by the CYTOCLEAN® - process enables our customers to protect the environment and save costs at the same time.

The application of CYTOCLEAN®

- does not produce hazardous waste that manufacturing Carbon – Dioxin
when it has to be burned.
- does not require any chemical or mechanical process that harms water and air.
- does not require any heavy equipment for succescful application,
which makes the CYTOCLEAN® - process the only way to clean-up shiptanks during

After application of CYTOCLEAN®

- the oil is to be used in ist designated range
- the separated water, which does not content any oil, can be returned into
ist „regular circle“ without any chemical treatment.
- no hazardous waste remaining has to be disposed


In times of high energy costs, ever increasing pollution of the environment and steady rising costs of hazardous waste disposal – the CYTOCLEAN® - Process ensures a impressive and convincing way to cleanup oiled surfaces, tanks, pipes and equipment in an environmental friendly and competitive way.

The bow between environmental protection and economic efficiency has been dawn.