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Tuesday, 03 February 2009

New Tank cleaning process draws the bow between environmental protection and saving of expenses
A tank cleaning process that covers the requirements of active environmental protection as well as the intention to significant cost saving, is still the ideal conception of those who maintain mineral - oil tanks for production, storage or on board of vessels for energy purposes. So far the extremely high volume of hazardous waste produced during the tank cleaning in addition with the extremely increasing costs for their disposal in some cases have resulted the suspending of necessary tank cleanings.
Furthermore, a substantial quantity of the worlds carbon – dioxide production is caused in the disposal of mineral oil and the connected residues.
Additional a significant quantity of raw material resources is abolished, that could satisfy a bulk of the worlds energy hunger.
Messrs. GLOBAL CONCEPT GMBH, 26919 Brake ( ) have created an alternative solution, that realizes active environmental protection with the need to limit and reduce the extremely costs for mineral oil tank cleaning.
Contrary to all known processes the CYTOCLEAN® - process does not combat the Mineral oil itself, but the adhesion, which is one of the most important problems in cleanup of Mineral oil.
By this reason, no additional hazardous waste is been produced. More than this, the structure of the Mineral oil is kept stable and not, as usual, cracked and made available for washing water.
In the second step there is an exact separation between oil and water.
Analyses of the oil after cleanup with CYTOCLEAN® - process, worked out by independent Laboratories, show that the water content of the oil is less than before cleanup in the initial samples.
This makes clear that the “bounded water”, which is inside every quality of Mineral oil, has also been reduced by the gentle working method of the CYTOCLEAN® - process.
Any additional treatment of the Mineral oil via cracking plant and/or separators is not necessary.
The structure of the Mineral oil is not changed and the oil can be used in the designated range.
The separated water , which does not content any Mineral oil, can be returned into its “regular circle” or can be used for further cleanup processes..
Finally no hazardous waste has to be disposed and clean tanks remain.
A short while after collecting of oil and water from the tank, an exact separation between oil and water is visible in the IBC.
The bottle-test shows that the water used is free of oil and so clear that the reading of letters is possible through the bottle.
To ensure the effective cleaning of Tanks, GLOBAL CONCEPT GMBH has built a team of specialists, available on 24/7 – base, and acting worldwide to cleanup Shore- and shipstanks, pipelines and any oil contaminated surface.
In times of high energy costs, ever increasing pollution of the environment and steady rising costs of hazardous waste disposal – the CYTOCLEAN® - Process ensures a impressive and convincing way to cleanup oiled ships tanks in an environmental friendly and competitive way.

Source: Global Concept

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